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Get the data you need to create the future of healthcare

Extract de-identified health datasets from hospital systems at a lower cost and in a shorter time with the Teal Engine.


Healthcare datasets

MR, CT, x-ray, ultrasound, PET, SPECT, and more
CheckCircle_IconSupports all major PACS vendors

Health data should be used to improve patient care

To use health data for developing innovative solutions and improve treatment outcomes, you need to move the data out of the hospital systems.

Teal Engine
Obtain data up to 100x faster and up to 10x cheaper
CheckCircle_IconBuilt-in protection of patient privacy

The missing link between clinical data and innovative health tech

The Teal Engine enables you to automatically find, extract, and de-identify medical images, eliminating the friction between research goals, data preparation, and regulatory compliance.

Develop innovative products
CheckCircle_IconPublish higher impact papers

Build bigger health datasets, faster

Streamlining the hardest parts of health data management, the Teal Engine enables you to conduct higher impact research, develop more innovative products, and publish higher impact papers.




About us

Meet Kasper who spearheaded the teal engine

Case #1

"Health data must be used to develop innovative health technology that save time so we can focus on treating patients."